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Our Stories of Survival

More Than Just a Bold Design

Our bottles are part artesian water, part philanthropic project. We, on the otherhand, are 110% dedicated to our mission of helping to increase awareness and raise proper funding for continued research – all while spreading a little love for all of those affected by breast cancer.

Artesian Water & Awareness In One

We started with the simple idea of creating a bottled water brand that not only delivers a refreshing, thirst quenching experience, but also one that makes a statement. So the question remains, why raise awareness through a bottled water?

Unfortunately, something simple as water is no cure for cancer. But billions of people drink water every day in order to survive. What better way to increase awareness & raise the proper funding for advanced research for those hard at work behind the scenes?

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The Cause

Join us in the fight against cancer! A portion of the proceeds for each case sold is donated to various cancer organizations, foundations, and research hospitals.

Our bottle may be pink but, that does not limit our giving; we not only focus on funding Breast Cancer foundations but also, numerous types of cancers and the research it requires to find a cure. You can make a difference by choosing Misty Artesian Water for your next staff meeting or event.

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We’d love the chance to hear more from you - and don’t forget to grab a case of Misty Artesian Water the next time you’re at the store. Whether you’re looking to learn more, volunteer, or purchase some cases for your shop or restaurant, we’re just a quick message away.

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